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Your trusted website for buy positive reviews 5 stars on your Google Maps listing. Thanks to our unique and legal method, the reviews we get are real and last forever.

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The latest market study carried out in January 2022 indicates that businesses that have a rating of less than 4,5 stars on Google My Business lose 50% of your prospects and those with less than 4 stars lose 85%. Besides, if the competition has a better score and more reviews, they will be attracting your potential customers. Buying positive Google reviews is easy and safe with Rating Trust®. 

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At Rating Trust Corporation we do not use bots, fake accounts or pay third parties. We got positive reviews 100% valid for Google and totally legal thanks to a large database of a mobile application and a unique method. Just buy the reviews you need and we take care of everything, hassle-free. 

The opinions we get are real from profiles that do not hide the reviews to achieve a totally natural result.  Check out our short guide to learn how to tell if a review is fake or real. See here

At Rating Trust we are Google Partners, we have consulted with the best law firms to verify that the method we use complies with the regulations and we do everything possible to obtain the satisfaction of all our clients everyone with great care and dedication.

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When it comes to buying reviews for Google, don't play it.
Irene A.
CEO Rating Trust

If you are going to buy reviews for your Google Maps listing, make sure they are from good quality. Getting positive reviews will help you a lot in the positioning and in the reputation of your business, but if the reviews are from low-quality accounts, you may lose your listing or suffer local SEO penalties. 

En Rating Trust Corporation We carry out a prior control of each user's account before they put the review to validate that it is of good quality and is not blocked. That is why we have more than 950 clients, 32.000 positive reviews achieved and no negative reviews. We always deliver and the reviews we get last forever.

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213 Positive Reviews

Made of 68 reviews.
Manuela Pavón
Manuela Pavón
June 19, 2021.
They work very well, I'm happy
Fernanda Rojas
Fernanda Rojas
April 1, 2021.
Buy 20 reviews and they are very good !! Professional people
Lidia Lazaro
Lidia Lazaro
March 7, 2021.
I trusted you after so many positive comments on Google and the truth is that I too have been delighted with the reviews in my physiotherapy center. Very good everything!
Albert Vendrell
Albert Vendrell
March 6, 2021.
Very professional, personalized monitoring and quality guarantee. 100% recommendable
Isabel Salcedo Comas
Isabel Salcedo Comas
January 21, 2021.
Time and quantity fulfilled. 100% recommendable.
Jordi Carrillo
Jordi Carrillo
December 27, 2020.
Very real reviews. They write in them the services you offer or the people who run them, that is, they find out what the business is about before writing them.
Pablo Cabezas Measure
Pablo Cabezas Measure
December 17, 2020.
100% reliable. They have given me a report with the 20 reviews that came in when hiring SEO and the truth is that it shows a lot. Now I will buy a few more to round out the good work you have done with my office.
Itziar knight
Itziar knight
December 10, 2020.
100% cash. They are legit and meet all the reviews. The best of all is the attention Irene has with clients, very familiar and close. 100% recommendable.
Ruben colorado
Ruben colorado
November 28, 2020.
Very happy with the whole month of November in terms of SEO + social networks + the 20 reviews that they promise. You are very good, you can tell that you put your enthusiasm in the team.
Inma Cáceres Roman
Inma Cáceres Roman
November 19, 2020.
In my case, social networks take me in addition to buying 50 reviews. Very satisfied with the result. Of course I will recommend you guys.

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Review Features

Review time

The reviews will not be published all in a row on the same day but will be distributed randomly over the days and weeks in a way natural according to the Google algorithm to make them safe and last forever. Typical for 50 reviews is usually 2-3 months, sometimes even longer. 


Most reviews will have totally truthful comments and according to the business. If you want, you can send us keywords and we will select those that contain them. 
See examples of the comments here. 

Personal care

We will always be available by WhatsApp at +34 (+623) 007 774 XNUMX or email to ratingtrustcorporation@gmail.com for any questions or comments before, during and after the project.


Lifetime Warranty: If a review of the ones we have posted is deleted, as time passes, we will replace it at no additional cost.

Return guarantee: If we do not get the reviews, we will refund the money of all the ones that we have not obtained.

Review leaders

We've been in business for over two years and we're already the leader in Google My Business reviews. We are experts, we are Googlers and we seek perfection in all our assignments. Do not play it and trust the number one.

Benefits of buying Google reviews

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Improve SEO

Discover your strengths

Outperforms the competition

When making a purchase or choosing to go to one establishment or another, for example a restaurant or a store, the opinions that other consumers have put are very important.

According to several statistical studies carried out, it has been concluded that 65% of people look at the reviews and opinions of other consumers before deciding on one business or another. 

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Buy Google reviews at 50% discount

Our team

We are few but we are very good and we work as a team to ensure that each of the reviews we get from our clients is of the best quality. In this way we achieve 100% satisfaction in all our orders. 


Irene A.

I worked at Google for 5 years until I decided to create the Rating Trust to help businesses increase their reputation.

SEO expert

Isaac C.

I control and verify that all the reviews are real, correct, and valid for the Google algorithm.


Albert V.

I maintain the relationship with the clients, I organize the calendars, follow-ups, reports, and reviews.


Sophie G.

I manage the team that looks for the people who will put positive reviews with comments.